Windows XP +/or 7 will not boot from SSD after shutdown?

Hoping someone can help me with this problem.

I shutdown my PC to go to bed after a fresh install of Windows 7 on my new Samsung Evo 840 120gb SSD in IDE mode, all updated with drivers etc. Well once I turned my PC on the next day Windows 7 would not boot from my SSD and the screen would just go black. So I put my Windows 7 Upgrade CD into the drive and tried a ‘Repair Start-up’ only for it to tell me there was nothing to fix. Fine – reinstalled Windows 7 again using my XP disc first then my Windows 7 upgrade disc in IDE mode (I do not have a Windows 7 install disc, my father bought the Win 7 upgrade style disc). I left it as basic Windows 7 NO updates NO drivers shut it down from the menu, waited 10 mins, turned my PC back on and… it will not boot into Windows again. I’m starting to think my motherboard is too old or conflicting, it is a MSI K9a2 Platinum seen here >

Over the past 2 days my boyfriend [an IT tech] and I have tried every little thing to get the SSD working with my hardware. See the following list for details:

Unplugged all unnecessary hardware e.g. Ram, second CD drive, 2 other HDDS etc and installed Windows 7 on the SSD – still wont boot into windows after shutdown

Using the previous install we used the Windows 7 Upgrade disc to try and repair the start-up – fail

Same as above but installed just Windows XP on the drive and shutdown –wont boot into windows again

Same as above but installed Windows 7 onto the SSD –won’t boot into windows again and now a new error screen that states winload.exe cannot be found

Using the previous install we used the Windows 7 Upgrade disc to try and repair the start-up – fail

Using the previous install we used the Windows 7 Upgrade disc to access the repair feature and command prompt, from here we followed guides on bootrec.exe commands, rebuilding the BCD, renaming winload.exe and using the one in c:\windows\system32\boot instead, following every single suggestion we saw on other forums from people with the same problem –nope after a shutdown from windows it refuses to boot into windows when you turn the power back on.

Discovered SSDs work best in AHCI mode, put that on in the BIOS but in XP set-up it cannot find the SSD [it can in IDE] so I cannot install the OS?

I have no idea what is going on. If I install Win 7 to the SSD and update windows, put the drivers in, steam etc WITHOUT SHUTTING DOWN it works perfectly, fast, never crashes. As soon as I shutdown and go to bed it will not boot into windows the next day. Should I just give up and install Windows on a spare HDD?

Please halp.
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  1. I wouldn't bother with the upgrade DVD and the flaky XP install. D/L a free, legal copy of Win 7 .ISO from here: and burn it to a CD.
    Set your SATA Mode to AHCI in the BIOS before installing to the SSD. Disconnect any HDD during Win 7 install.
    Install Win 7.

    Good luck!
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    Hello thank you, I followed your steps and it still didn't work.


    my Dad gave me his Kingston SSD to try and that was successful! My PC can now shutdown and boot back up again perfectly. He then put my Samsung SSD into his setup [which has slightly newer hardware] and installed Windows 7 and it works! So after all the fiddling and multiple reinstalls it seems the Samsung SSD just did not like my hardware!

    Thank you for the help.
  3. You're welcome! Glad that you got it fixed!

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