Was wondering if anyone knew the correct config for setting up 3 monitors with a crossfire setup on gigabyte 6850s?

I have two gigabyte 6850s in my rig and just recently was given a 3rd monitor and want to use it, I have two hooked up already and was wondering if i could just hook the 3rd up to the second card via hdmi or other connection, or do I have to use some other config? Any help would be awesome, would love to have a ghetto eye-finity setup.
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    EyeFinity requires that the DisplayPort be used to connect to one of the monitors. If you do not have a monitor with a DisplayPort, then you must purchase an Active DisplayPort to DVI adapter. Allowable configurations are as follows:
    1. DVI / DVI / DisplayPort
    2. DVI / HDMI / DisplayPort
    You cannot use DVI / DVI / HDMI because the video signal chip that all three are connected to can only output to 2 monitors. DisplayPort has it's own video signal chip which is why using the DisplayPort is required for EyeFinity.
  2. Thanks. No way I can hook up anything to the second card?
  3. Ryan Zinter said:
    Thanks. No way I can hook up anything to the second card?

    if you want to run Eyefinty (which is Horizontal Span) then you will need to run all the screens off of 1 card and they will need to run at the same resolution. Again, 1 of your monitors will need to be hooked up to the Display Port with an Active Adapter in case you don't have DP.
    And here is some guide which might be helpful to you:
  4. Thanks. Heading over to tigerdirect today.
  5. Ryan Zinter said:
    Thanks. Heading over to tigerdirect today.

    glad i could help, good luck :)
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