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I bought a used Motorola SB6121 cable modem. When i set it up with Comcast initially there was no problem. Had there been a problem I would have returned it to the company I bought it from and had it replaced. I have had it for 9 months with only a couple of issues which Comcast claimed the modem had never been 'registered' with them. I had to go through the same process of 'registering' twice. A tech came to the house to check a line issue recently and could not 'see' my modem. After some research he found it was identifying with a cable company in Houston Texas and the MAC ID was not released from the previous company. What can I do? Comcast set up their own modem temporarily, but I want to use my own modem and not pay their rental fee. Ready to ditch Comcast, but want to be sure my modem is okay.
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  1. I have had similar issues in the past and unfortunately there is not much you really can do, if the modem will not register on their network then your pretty much screwed. You can still use your own modem but you will have to buy a new one. You can try a facotory reset if it is possible but I doubt it will work. Either keep the modem they provided or buy a new one.

    As far as ditching them, not that I endorse comcast but unfortunately cable is generally a zoned service and you will have no other providers to choose from. you can go to a phone companies service, verizon fios, AT&T DSL/Uverse etc. but if your looking to use that modem you have now with another company, its not going to happen
  2. Thanks vnet. It's just 'funny' to me that my modem has worked for nine months. They seemed surprised too. Had Comcast told us during the initial setup that it had an unreleased MAC ID, we would have returned it to the seller and gotten another. Now, unfortunately, it is too late. I think we've decided to go rogue and cut the cord on cable altogether. We mostly watch Netflix anyway and do have another choice for internet service. It's kind of disappointing that the technology we have today can't 'unhook' a MAC ID somehow. Should be simpler. Thanks for your response.:bounce:
  3. Agreed, I had the same issue except I had my internet for a year and a half then all of a sudden i gto a walled garden page indicating my internet was disabled so I called, and they were like this modem you have is not yours lol. Because they had my old modem which I replaced but never called to register because it just worked when I plugged it in and didnt really think too much about it. So it took their system a year and a half to detect I was using an unregistered modem.
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    The final chapter in this 'story' is that I called tech support who told me the same thing about the MAC ID being associated with someone else's account. They told me to go to my local service center for Comcast and they would be able to fix it. I had my doubts, but when I got there the supervisor sent an email to the Comcast in the other state and had the MAC ID released. It was THAT simple! I think they just want us to have to rent their equipment and don't always tell the truth about what is or is not possible. Very happy now that my own modem is now connected with my local Comcast and everything is running smoothly! Key is to persist or just don't buy a used modem.
  5. Awesome, well im glad you got it taken care of.
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