can data cable be used for internet connection for xbox live

I'm trying to connect my xbox 360 to the Internet but I don't have an ethernet cable can I use a data cable 6001-000110-000 this is what the cable has on it.
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  1. No, just pick yourself up an ethernet cable. They are very cheap, have a look on amazon.

    Edit: Its looks to me like a phone cable.

    Edit2: Actually ignore that it might be as rolli said a CAT5 cable, theres no harm in trying it.
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    If I remember correctly that is actually the DSL Phone line NOT the CAT5. They came with AT&T/2Wire branded DSL modem's.

    But a CAT5 cable does not cost that much and you can get them almost anywhere anymore. You do not have to order though the web for something like that you can even get them at Wal-Mart for next to nothing,less than $10, and not have to pay shipping and such like with Amazon and then have to wait for delivery.
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