Need Help! Problems Uploading to my Network.


So, I am having some issues, and I am not very tech savvy when it comes to Networks. So I work for a small company editing videos for clients. All the footage is on our network, and thats where I download and upload my finished footage too. My problem is, when I go to upload larger footage (over 2 GB usually) it does not let me upload!

Basically I am able to download large files of over 2 GB and I can upload smaller videos under 1 GB, but every time I go to upload some of my larger videos, thats where I run into the problem. Now it will actually start uploading without errors, but after two mins or so I receive the error message, "you are not connected to the network, please try again or re connect."

Now I do log on to my IP address with no problems, so with being able to download with no issues, I am unsure as to why I can't upload?!

If anyone has any insight to this problem I would be very grateful for any tips or knowledge you can lend me. Thank you very much in advance. Also, I am not too smart with this stuff, so I apologize if more info is needed.

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  1. Can you check what the filesystem is for your Network storage? Possibly getting limited because of that ...
  2. hubbardt said:
    Can you check what the filesystem is for your Network storage? Possibly getting limited because of that ...

    Sorry I probably should have said, that when I give the file to other members on my team, they are able to upload it without any problems. It seems to be just me that has the issue. However, I am the only one on my team running Windows and not Mac. Not sure if that makes a difference, but I wanted to put it out there.
  3. How are you uploading? (just file copy)
    Is yours the only Windows PC or can you try from a different one?
  4. Yeah just a simple file copy. I am dragging the files from one folder on my c:/drive to a sub folder in the network. I am the only PC too.

  5. Can you find out the make/model of the network card in your PC and what driver it is using?

    Open Device Manager

    Click Start > Control Panel.
    Note: If you are using Classic View, click Device Manager and go to step 5.
    Click System and Maintenance.
    Click Hardware and Sound.
    Click View hardware and devices.
    Click the + symbol in front of Network Adapters to expand the section.
    Right-click the network adapter.
    Click Properties.
    Click the Driver tab to see the driver version.
  6. Intel. Version
  7. Is this a Lenovo machine?
    Can you try updating the NIC driver to latest?
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