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I will OC a 4770k POSSIBLY with SLI 780 (I will not now but in the future maybe). I will be gaming and doing video/photo editing. I was going to get the seasonic 80+ gold 750W PSU but I'm reading that I should have at least 850W. Any recommendation on a reputable 1000W PSU?
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  2. d4v0's recommendations are all good. You dont really need 1000+ w though, unless you are looking at tons of HDDs or adding a third gpu or something in the future. I am running a 4670K OC'd with 2x680's using this: great.

    EDIT: But if you are set on 1000watts, d4v0's recommendations, as stated, are all good. Personally I would be partial to the Seasonic... :) But XFX is great too (they use the same units as seasonic i believe, have been running an old xfx for almost 4 straight years now...)
  3. d4v0 said:

    +1 Those are all excellent power supplies
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