Triple Boot using HDD and SSD

I am already using an HDD to dual boot my PC, what I would like to do is add an SSD and run W7 on this exclusively for a media centre.

Presently, when I first switch on the PC I am asked which Boot I would like to use. Having added the SSD I am not getting this option, I have to go into the Bios settings to decide which device is used to Boot up from.

Is there a way I can combine both HDD and SSD so I am given a 'Triple Boot' option when first switched on?
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  1. Anyone?

    So far I have worked out that I can use the F8 function when booting up from an ASUS card. I would rather not have to do this, I would prefer to choose of a list like I already do for the dual boot.

    Has anyone used EasyBCD. Would using this work?
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