What gives better performance: nvidia control panel force anisotropic filtering or app controlled?

I am wondering what setting is going to give me better performance: If I force Anisotropic filtering through Nvidia control panel or if I leave it to application controlled so the game does it?
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  1. It will be exactly the same. The only reason to use the nvidia panel to force it is if the game doesn't give you the option.
  2. I have seen somewhere that nvidia anisotropic filtering is actually more refined, that's why I am asking :)
  3. You asked about performance not quality. One reason I might set anisotropic filtering in the nvidia panel, is because developers tend to be lazy and they might not give access to every option in the ingame menu. I saw this a lot with anti-aliasing. But it happens with filtering too, or they might default it to the lowest common denominator. There's not really any reason not to always go with the best quality filtering on a high end card.
  4. So to say, if the game offers 16x AF, there will be no change in quality and no change in performance if I force it in nvidia control panel? no fps drop?
  5. I doubt it. You could come up with a scenario or two where that might cause a slight drop, but it wouldn't happen in a game.
  6. The best performance hands down from AA is from an aplication called SweetFX (Works on every DX9 game and up).

    Its a freeware tool that you can find on a 3dguru.

    It not only has the best perfornace AA but also the best quality AA.

    It is VERY easy to use, as long as you read the manual.
  7. http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/361764-33-game-settings-nvidia-control-panel-settings the second posts says something about nvidia control panel having more advanced colors......
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