ASUS P5W HD Motherboard - Want to stop RAID 0 and install new SSD drive and OS

I have an ASUS P5W HD Motherboard and I think I want to stop RAID 0 on it's only 2 drives and use them both as ACHI single drives along with adding a new SSD and Windows 7 Home Premium OS Install as the new boot drive. The computer currently has Windows XP Pro. (This is my first drive and OS install.)

I believe I have to enter the BIOS and select ACHI. I also think at this point I will loose my OS and info on the drives if I continue to boot up. So I will need to have the new SSD connected and the WIn 7 disk in the DVD drive and have the DVD drive selected as the boot up drive to install the new Windows 7 OS on the new SSD drive. Is this correct?

So if my thinking is correct (and I am lucky), I will end up with a new boot drive with Windows 7 installed after the install finishes and I make the new SSD drive with the new Windows 7 OS the boot drive.

It is at this point that I am unaware of what will happen to my old previous RAID drives. Will they automatically revert to a second and third drives? Or what else do I have to do in this scenario?

I am also wondering if a better course of action is to just install the SSD and make it the boot drive after installing Windows 7 on it and if I could simply leave the 2 RAID 0 drives alone and then have a D: boot drive (SSD and Windows 7 OS) and a RAID 0 pair of drives (C:). I know the drive names would be backwards and I can research perhaps how the change them so that the new SSD drive becomes C: in the event that conflicts with any software.

I should mention there is no data to be concerned with. This PC only runs one one program and security which I will install after all is done and I update the motherboard BIOS and a QVL memory file ASUS has listed along with the current BIOS. There is no data to have to save or migrate to the resulting system.

Many thanks for reply to point me in right direction...

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  1. go to
    and download the motherboard installation guide(multiple languages)
    and P5W DH Deluxe User's Manual for English Edition (E2557)
    and follow instructions like
    saving and updating bios
    and it should have info on what sata slots should be used or something like that.
    Good luck and ask questions if needed.
    I will be here the whole time.
  2. Thanks.
    I've actually read these and was trying to confirm if I had the order of what to do and if I have interpreted several different documents I have read correctly as to that order in the first part of my message. As to the SSD connection it said use blue.

    The problem is that I do not know what I do not know. A person follows a technical guide and can understand conceptually but not all the holes the can fall into. Try to follow several that include/omit different things and it's like wearing two watches - you never know what time it is.

    The second part was how the RAID drives would react if I installed the new OS onto a new drive and named it C: I don't know if a single SSD and a RAID 0 drive can coexist. Maybe I can bypass any problem with RAID by just installing the new OS on the new SSD and renaming the drives.

    I mess with RAID and select ACHI in the BIOS for the RAID drives I will loose the data on those drives and that's OK as there is no data to lose, but if I do that will they automatically revert to single drives?

    A BIOS update would have to come after Win 7 was installed (actually they only offer Vista but it is likely better than the old XP one)
  3. Once drives are in a raid configuration they are called dynamic disks, and can be moved to New computers/operating systems.
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