Gaming headset for medium budget, need recommendations?

Hi guys, i have little noobish question about gaming headsets. Can you recommend me some for $100-120 PS3/PS4 headset. I need some 5.1 , 7.1 surround with good enviroment isolation. Brand is not importat only quality.
I used TB PX21 for a year and they are crap( can i say this here? ) i definitly need something better then this. Maybe Pulse Elite edition or something from Tritton? Experiences

thx for answers
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  1. I would suggest you Turtle Beach, they are one of the best brands in this. Check the official website, you can choose which one you want, this should be helpful for you --->
  2. Im just trying to avoid TB, Anyone else?
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    In that case you can go with Tritton, Plantronics or Astro, however Astro are kinda costly so you can try plantronics they are the next competition for turtlebeach.. I would not recommend any other brand apart from these. Good luck :)
    Else one more choice for you is Tritton, they have a model called 720, that is very good and it has 7.1 audio. Its slightly above $120 though
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