m5a97 LE R2.0 and Fx6300 overclock. I'm pretty confused

First off all I want to thank this site for all of the info while building my first PC. This is my first post but I have spent hours upon hours lurking.

I recently built a entry level gaming pc with the following specs:

FX6300 black edition
Asus M5a97 LE R2.0 AM3+
Hyper 212 Plus cooler
Fractal R4 case (added a side and floor intake)
Msi GTX 760 Hawk GPU
Kingston black 4gb 1600 mhz (x2)
XFX Pro core 550w 80+ bronze psu

I am dipping down to around 24 fps in AC4 on all max settings (god rays turned off) and I'd like to give overclocking a try. I realize that AC4 is poorly optimized, but I would think my rig could handle a constant 30 FPS. I am using auto/turbo mode in BIOS.

I was recommended this mobo from another site and now I'm sad to find that it is a poor choice for overclocking. However, I'm a bit disappointed in its performance and consequently wishing I went with intel. Should I not attempt to OC?

I poked around a bit following this guide: and I found that I am missing several of their settings (my BIOS does not allow me to select 2600 mhz for HT link, but has options slightly above and below). Do I need to update my BIOS? Also, I installed MSI Live 5 and was instructed to download new chipset drives (large file, around 970mb). Should I do this as well?

Thank you for the help. I'm a bit nervous after reading horror stories about people bricking their hardware.
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    Since the mobo has no heatsink you ll need good cooling
  2. Do you mean adding heatsinks to the mobo? I didnt know that was an option!
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