BSOD Error Code 0x00000124 HELP

Just installed a new motherboard and CPU. Basically, now every 2 hours or so I get a BSOD with error code 0x00000124. It says unrecoverable hardware error, but I have no idea what is causing it! In my blue screen reader program it lists the cause as "hal.dll", but I don't know what this means as I am a bit newbie when it comes to computing...
PC Specs:
Asus B85M-G Motherboard
8GB Integral DDR3 1333mhz ram
Intel i5 4570 3.2gHz (3.6 gHz turbo)
280W Psu (not sure if this matters)

Dump File

If anyone could help, this would be greatly appreciated! Maybe turning up processor voltage?
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  1. That bsod is caused by your cpu. How hot does it get and is your case clogged up with a lot of dust?
  2. There are a few things you can do.

    Firstly, I'd recommend that you update all of your drivers and your BIOS, all of which can be found on your motherboard manufacturer's website by searching your motherboard model.
    Secondly, ensure you have all of the cables inside f the PC plugged in correctly. I've seen countless cases where people accidentally forget to plug in a CPU fan or a SATA cable or something of the sort.

    This could possibly help: though I can't verify its validity.
  3. My cpu really doesent get that hot. 60 degrees at full load.
    My case is quite dusty though.
  4. 0x00000124 is the hardest BSOD to track down, in my opinion. It means something failed hardware wise, but does nothing to tell you where by itself. The fact you crashed inside HAL.dll [The Windows Hardware Abstraction Layer] is farther proof its likely hardware.

    Obvious things to check are RAM timings, CPU voltages, and temps. Failing that, try running with a single stick of RAM [to eliminate a possible issue with the motherboards Northbridge when using multiple sticks]. The idea is to eliminate components one by one.
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