GTX 650 TI Unigine only 567 score :|

I've been having a lot of problems with this ''graphic card'' if you can call it that.
20 fps on Skyrim low setting @ 1024x800
27 fps on WoW ultra...
My specs are E7500 Dual Core, 6 GB RAM DDR2 (only 3 usable), 450 W PSU, P5n32 e sli
Can anyone diagnose me?
I know im getting bottlenecked, but I didn't expect this much, considering I had a 6770 and had much and I stress the word MUCH better performance.
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  1. Here's the unigine score
  2. Are you running the latest drivers, or just the Microsoft-provided drivers?

    I would expect the GTX 650 Ti to do better than that, although I did notice that you are running custom settings, which make it a bit harder to judge the actual performance since settings can vary.

  3. Im getting 20 fps on Assasins Creed Revelations all low and 20 on Skyrim all low...
    ...Ahh Nvidia.
  4. Looking at your screenshot again, I noticed that the CPU/memory gadget on your Desktop shows that the processor is running at full load. Does it normally stay at that level?

    I tried running Unigine Heaven on my desktop, disabling 1 of my 7770s because your 650 Ti should be similar in performance (slightly higher, going by the chart on this site), and got a score of 460. The only difference between your settings and the settings I used were that I had 8xAA enabled.

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