computer wont boot or show any display after upgrade

i recently purchased a FX-8320 cpu to complement my gtx 650 better then my athlon x3 450 was and after 3 days of it running amazing it froze after about 20 mihn i decided to reboot it and after doing so it wouldnt show any display but all my fans worked and all i go no error code or single beep until i removed my ram to test the board then i got the no ram error code loop, ive tested and assume it isnt the neew processor or the new board but when i put in all my old stuff it works im lost on what the issue is.
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  1. oh and i did flash my cmos and test my psu (i have a 450w) so may be underpowering it thats my only thought but i dont want to purchase another if thats not the problem
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