Linksys E3000 won't connect to internet through Cable Modem

I have the Linksys E3000 since Oct 2010. It has worked fine up to today. I can get the internet if I connect directly to the cable modem but the router refuses to. It was working fine this morning then while I was gaming it just disconnected. The home network part still works as I can see and access all other computers on the network.

I looked through the router software and I do not see anything wrong/different. I have recycled the router multiple times with the last time it being off for over 3 hours.

Does anyone have any suggestion before I buy a new router?
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  1. does the internet light on the router light up or flash?
    under the advance settings on the router is the internet setting set to "automatic configuration-dchp"?
  2. yes to both

    I also tried a different lan cable.
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    well if your router is lighting up the internet light like normal then it is making the connection.
    trying running windows network troubleshooter (sometimes it does actually fix issues)

    go to windows help on the start menu and type in network troubleshooter in the search box
    it should list something that says along the lines of "why cant I connect to the internet?" inside it is the program shortcut on your computer to scan your computer and network for issues and attempt to fix them. this is in windows 7 but I think its in xp to windows 8 in some form or another
  4. Yea I did that too. No go.

    Thanks for the help I am just buying a new router.
  5. jnkweaver said:
    Yea I did that too. No go.

    Thanks for the help I am just buying a new router.

    Did the new router actually help?
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