Best Price VS Performance ratio on Z87+4770K

Hi all tomshardwaremaniacs!

I have been some weeks loking for a cool RIG, asking in different forum, loking for reviews, opinions...

At this point I have got a pair of posible setups. Both them are very similar in price vs performance ratio referring to mobo, cpus, ram, cooling... While setup one has more power now, Setup2 has better looking for future upgrades and performance improvement with fixes and updates.

Now its the moment to choose the graphics card. Wich One will be the best graphics card that matches the rigs.

Setup2 has de capability to profit 100% of Sli & CF setups while The Setup1 not, but it has better CPU performance.

By now they are:

Setup1 / Setup2
820€ / 820€

New parts

Asus Maximus VI Formula / Asrock X79 Extreme6
I7 4770k / i7 4820k
Corsair H110 / Same
GSkill DDR3 2133 CL9 2x8Gb / Same (in the future will upgrade to 32Gb if needed)

Parts that I already Own
OCZ Vector 128Gb + 2xSeagate 1Tb
Coolermaster CM690
Tacens Radix III 1200W (1000W of usable power, its overkill but now im runing 2x HD4890 wich suposes up to near 500W when OC them)
Good amount of 12 and 14Cm fans

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  1. I'd stay away from the 4820k, as it's really more than you really need in any scenario. I would suggest the 4770k with a single gpu, OR the 4670k with an even better gpu, for better gaming performance and still blazing fast processing.

    you havent said what you will be using the computer for.
  2. If you've been doing price to performance comparisons, you would know that the overclocked RAM is not worth the premium at all...

    That said, the best price to performance would have the be the 770/280x (if it ever comes back down in price). A couple of 770s in SLI will dominate a 780 Ti at 1440p and below.

    Why do you say setup 1 cannot go SLI? That motherboard and CPU are more than capable of running dual graphics. I also don't see how you say setup 2 is less powerful...
  3. HI! thanks for the fast response!

    The computer will be mainly for gaming, ocasionally photo editing and daily home use. Im using a 1080 monitor of 23" so i thon think that i sill need more resolution or monitors :P. I consider 4820 beacause this computer (excepts of VGA if needed) must last 5 years, so go for 2011 is not a bad idea, IMHO (apart of 40 pcie lanes and quad memory channel).

    What wold be the best RAM? I see hundred of setup with thoose modules. I say that about SLI/CF because of the avaible lanes, if a single card takes 16 and i have got 40 (on X79) i could place 3 of them in 16x, 16x, 8x (but sure im wrong)(can you do link source of info about that, please?) while on Z87 i don have them.

    Asuming that there is no bottlnec about CF/SLi setup, wich is better (hipothetic case) GTX770 OC 3Gb, 2x GTX770 2G, GTX770 4GB? (just to have a comparision point).


    PS: sorry for my poor english.
  4. Best answer
    There's nothing physically wrong with that RAM, it's just stupidly expensive for an imperceptible increase in performance.

    And onto the SLI/CFx, that makes sense. I was talking more along the lines of 2-way SLI, not 3 or 4 way. The 1150 CPUs are just fine for 2-way, but for 3 and 4 way, definitely want the 2011.

    And if you were to go 2 or 3 way SLI, the 4GB 770 would be great, as you would have more VRAM available to you. The 770s scale very well in SLI. The great part is you can go 3-way 770 for cheaper than 2-way 780 Ti lol
  5. Then please, tell me what is a good kit of RAM sticks? and whhats better 4x8Gb or 8x4Gb?? I dont have any brand preference, just find them mainstream.

    Also at this moment i dont had enought momeny for a bunch of vgas. Jus want to choose one that may I pair in the future getting the best performance.

    At this moment myCF of HD4890 on FX790 Chipset scales very poor (30% or less)

    PS: Regarding about lanes i found this Taking that in care i cant undertan if u only have 8 lanes into an Z87 chipset ( ), how a pair of x16 VGAs could scale at its maximun possibilities if the must work with 4 lanes each.
  6. Well I'm not sure why that says only 8 lanes, as here's a board that supports 4-way SLI with a Z87 chipset:

    Gives you 1 at x16 and 3 at x8. In PCIe 3.0, that's plenty of bandwidth. Now, 4 GPUs isn't recommended on socket 1150 because of CPU power, but Z87 is most certainly able to power SLI and CrossFire.

    About the RAM, a set of 1600 or 1866 is the best combination of price/performance.

    Would be a good set of RAM. Lower CAS latency - 9 is good.
  7. For example:
    G.Skill RipjawsZ DDR3 1866 PC3-14900 16GB 4x4GB CL9 151€

    G.Skill Ripjaws X DDR3 2133 PC3-17000 16GB 4x4GB CL9 147€

    G.Skill TridentX DDR3 2133 PC3-17000 16GB 2x8GB CL9 167€

    G.Skill Trident X DDR3 2400 PC3-19200 16GB 2x8GB CL10 174€

    Im not sure if the price difference worths it. Maybe gone to 2400 is not the best pricevs performance, but 2133 are cheaper!

    Here is a link to the store (translated to english) Its the cheapest one in Spain.

    Now the question is, 2x8 kit or 4x4 kit?

    Txs for your help!
  8. You can go for the Xeon1230v3 if you dont want to overclock past 4GHz.
  9. I dont think thats a good path for a gaming computer. Anyway thanks for the interest.
  10. It an i7 basicly, nothing different and many ppl use it.
  11. Yes but it cant be properly overclocked, wich is The ABC of most gamer computers.
  12. It can but not too much, anyway OC does not bring that much more, well your decision.
  13. Talking about processor im feling much more comfortable with 4770k and 4820k :), corsair h110, ocz ssd, and nzxt 530

    Anyway im opened ragrding mobo, ram, vga...
  14. I'd go for the i5 if you want pure gaming performance, as this will give you an extra $100 for a gpu while having no change in gaming performance coming frorm the cpu, almost any builder will agree
  15. TAking a look the GTX770 i see that there is wide range of values, with the first starting and 286 and the more expensive 377€. What is the good choice?
    (Im lookig here)
  16. with the 770 go with the cheapest one, as all the coolers on them are pretty good, even the stock ones. you won't notice a big difference in performance between the cheapest one and the most expensive one
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