GPU/Motherboard Help Needed!!!!!

Hi, I'm new to the forums and need some help in determining if any of these graphics cards can fit my PC Motherboard... I currently have an AMD Radeon 6670 (1GB) and my motherboard is a Gigabyte M68MT-S2 Motherboard
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  1. both will fit , because the motherboard has pci-e x16 slot
  2. Yes it will fit, the only thing a mobo needs to be compatible with a mobo is a pcie x16 slot.
  3. both will definitely fit. I would personally go with the Asus GTX 650ti though(silent and cooler,higher clock).
    But what are your system specs:
    CPU, Powersupply?
    mainly what are the specs of you psu.?
  4. Hey guys thanks for the responses and heres the rest of my specs... - this is the exact PC I have
  5. I read the specs of your pc and some threads on forum about the psu.

    And I think you should upgrade you powersupply. At minimum a corsair cx430 would do the work without any issue.
    As your PSU is not of good quality and doesnt has a 6-pin pcie connector (if it was a good quality one you could've used a molex to pcie convertor, but it isn't)
    thread about you psu
  6. Any other PSU suggestions, this is one topic that I am kind of a noob on...
  7. I personally like corsair psu as they are good quality and budget friendly. I would suggest a cx500 or a cx430. I have seen some people recommend some seasonic psu as they are good quality too (no personal experience).
  8. And would both the cx430 and the cx500 fit my PC?
  9. And could I have specific links for ones that you would recommend, looking to keep it under 100...
  10. And what will the power supply affect, how it runs? how quiet it is? or what?
  11. I think you should check whether those powersupply can fit in you pc (check dimensions).
    Following are the links to the powersupplies:
    Corsair CX 430
    Corsair CX 500

    Components of you pc require certain wattage to run. On low load they require less wattage and on high load they require more wattage. A good quality psu supplies the wattage mentioned whereas a cheap one delivers way less wattage.
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