OS Re-install with RAID 5

I have Windows 7 installed but an error came up with the AMD Radeon graphics driver. I cannot seem to get around it, at least not in a simple way since I have been trying for two hours, so I decided to just reinstall Windows.

I am concerned that this might dump my RAID though. The RAID 5 is running using the motherboard to lock the drives into RAID together, and setting the size and all that. But, it uses Intel Rapid Storage technology. I just got this all set back up and it took days to transfer all the data. So I want to know first, if I reinstall the OS and reinstall the RST driver, will it pick up the RAID and start working like normal with all my drives there and not need to do anything, or will it reformat and rebuild the drives?
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  1. Did you do raid through software on your windows? or trhough the motherboard utility?

    It should be fine if you set it up with the motherboard. It will have nothing to do with the operating system
  2. See I am a little confused cause I am not 100% sure. I think with hardware.
    I turned the BIOS settings to run the HDDs in RAID configuration, and then when booting had an option to press CTRL+J and go to a separate set of options for RAID only.

    I selected four disks here, named it, set the size and RAID type. but then I booted and it didn't show up in the system until I installed RST, and RST is what processed the rebuilding of the RAID array.
  3. Where is your OS installed?
  4. BillyDataGuy said:
    Where is your OS installed? On a separate drive? I hope....

    Yea I keep a small 60GB SSD for Windows and basic frequently used small programs, typically with a second HDD for larger programs.

    I think I might have it fixed though. With just short of 6TB of space I keep lots of redundant old copies of programs and drivers. I tried one which was pretty recent, I think 13.11 but its caused glitches. 13.12 wouldn't install the display driver, but I had an older 13.9 Beta which now has it working.

    My Creative sound blaster drivers are having an error now. I found out cause I was using a pair of speakers from like 1995 (Literally bought with a 533Mhz Pentium III system) and wanted to try and boost the volume on them but the controls wouldn't launch. So I am going to try and get it working and if not its back to reinstalling Windows but hopefully a reinstall of the driver will fix it.
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    you should be fine. I think you only just initialized the drive with RST. You actually set the drives to work in RAID through your motherboard.
  6. oczdude8 said:
    you should be fine. I think you only just initialized the drive with RST. You actually set the drives to work in RAID through your motherboard.

    Well that is good to know. So the data should stay on them even if the OS breaks and needs reinstalled?
  7. yup its not tied to your OS.
  8. Thats so comforting to know. I went for a RAID 5 so I wouldn't have to worry about losing data as much and then when I thought I might have to Re-install the OS thinking it might all get dumped seemed a bit like it was all for nothing, but thats great to hear.

    Thanks again.
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