Need Help Choosing GTX 660 SLI vs Single 760??


I will be building a new pc soon. This PC build will be used for gaming, and streaming or recording at the same time. Most games that I will play: Minecraft, Warframe, Cod and the microsoft simulator series (Flight, Ship etc.)

I will be doing editing and rendering (Vegas- editing, Mirrilis Action or FRAPS or OBS for recording and OBS or Dxtory for streaming to Twitch)

SO I HAVE A BUDGET OF 395 $ FOR GRAPHICS and want to know should i go for the 660 sli or go for the 760 Where i will have the chance to upgrade to an sli 760 ??

Decisions.. Decisions...

Also if I'm running the sli config or the 760 how much Wattage will I need?

I will be choosing the Asus versions for either the 660 's or the 760

Processor: Just incase i5 4760 (non K)
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    Why not get a 770? I'd prefer that over a 660 SLI as the 770 is all the power you need at 1080p without the draw backs of SLI. Plus you usually shouldn't render with SLI so you'll constantly have to change your set up depending what you're doing.
  2. I agree with woltej1, go for an Asus GTX 770 you get about the same performance as 660 SLI and you don't have the issues (like micro-shuttering) of an SLI.

    Also with your budget you could get the 4GB version of Asus GTX 770, which would be better (i believe) for the video editing.
  3. Also another vote for a 770.
  4. thanks guys, I will surely consider that .

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