Should I get 16 gigs of 1866 G.skill ram?

Hi, I'm a HS student and I use programs like auto desk inventor and 3ds max along with video editing software such as Sony Vegas pro and audio editing software... I also game, so should I get 16 gigs of 1866 G.skill ram such as this
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  1. 16 GB is a good way to go. But it depends. What is the rest of the system? CPU and motherboard brand and manufacturer?
  2. Cpu: AMD FX-6350
    MOBO: ASUS M5A99 PRO R2.0
    RAM: mentioned above
    Cpu cooler: CORSAIR h100i
    Gpu: ASUS NVIDIA GTX 770
    Case: CORSAIR graphite series 760T
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    Yes, it is a good combo with your system.
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