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So I was on my pc and abit ago I heard a slightly loud pop. computer still worked fine. Open a game boom instant 60c to 80c close game instant normal freezing temp. I fixed the other issue the pc had some time ago, its been working perfect till just tonight. I have the worst luck. I checked the Mobo for any damage theres none. I checked other things I see nothing. Im gonna look at the cpu. reseat and maybe put new thermal paste. the pc is not overclocked. and its watercooled now.

If anyone has any idea splease let me know. thanks
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  1. PSU could have popped and is now overvolting and causing the system to heat up.
  2. I would suggest visiting the Gigabyte website and updating some things,like your bios version which looks to me like the original.
    The current bios is F16.
    Guessing most drivers are also out of date.
    This might not solve your issue which sounds power related to me.
  3. The bios is updated since I made that picture. the biose caused the other problems in the past but thats fixed now. whatever that pop was caused it. I seen others have a pop and it was the Psu. No idea why it would fail it is aenermax 800w modu 87+ gold
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    Run HWmonitor and check the voltages on the 3.3v, 5v, and 12v rails.
  5. I ran that program. I have some results, I had it turned off abit before because i checked the cpu/ reapplyed thermal and what not.

    Fans showing 0% are because the front panel and it dosnt show.
  6. So I decided to do heavyload. the keyboard cpu meter and Cpuid Hwmonitor powers tab package and lA cores both instantly go to 100% im guessing my pc has no balls. lol The temps dont move much though just the powers thing. does this mean power supply is broken? or power aint getting somewhere making mobo faulty

    Edit: Nvm I found the answer myself through HWinfo the powersupply is broken
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