In "Manual" mode does Shadowplay write to disk at all times even when I'm not recording?

ShadowPlay has three modes: Shadow Mode, Manual Mode and a Shadow + Manual combined mode. I'm using Nvidia shadowplay & I only record in "manual mode". I have no practical use for shadow mode. Shadow mode always writes to disk at a temporary location for the set period of time in the background, but doesn't save the file permanently to disk until the user prompts to .

So I was wondering if i set recording mode to "manual" will shadowplay still keep on writing to disk at all times even when i'm not recording gameplay? I don't want it to continuously write to disk all the time thereby shortening my drive's lifetime for no good reason.

Thanks :)
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    ShadowPlay's manual mode *only* records when you tell it to. It doesn't "save" 10 minutes before you hit Record like Shadow mode does.

    If you are running in Manual, ShadowPlay will only write to the disk at the times you tell it to, so if you are not recording, you are not writing :)
  2. Shadowplay doesnt write anything to the TEMP folder while in Manual Mode. I use it all the time. If your worried about this, Shadowplay 1.8.2 allows you to change the location to another drive.

    I was worried also because of my SSD.
  3. Much thanks to both of you. Just the confirmation I needed to hear.

    Only because CraigN replied first i'm picking him as best answer.
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