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Does anyone know the average frame rate with the GTX 660? If so please tell me and if you overclock it what is it overclocked too? I'm thinking about getting Battlefield 4 but don't know if I can maintain a good framerate with this GPU.
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    34fps at 1080p on ultra, with an overclocked i5-3570k

    You can always lower settings a bit to increase fps.

    A good OC for the GTX 660 would be what MSI did here, for example: 1033MHz
  2. Dere no fixed rate. This isnt consoles. If you play around with the settings you can average between high to ultra
  3. When it is completely maxed out you should average ~30FPS with decent hardware. Running BF4 on high will get you smoother gameplay.

    Overall the 660 is a mid to high end GPU that isn't meant to max out new releases, but rather make them fairly playable (medium-high settings) while maxing out modern games.

    I currently have an ASUS OC 660 and it struggles to max out games like Assassins Creed IV with playable fps, so I find myself putting settings to medium to ensure 60fps or high for 45fps.
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