660 gtx oc sli with triple monitor display

I'm kinda new to building PCs but I just made my own this spring. I am currently in the process of getting my displays set up and was wondering how well a msi 660tf gtx oc ski would handle triple 27 inch Acer monitors while playing battlefield 4 any input would be great ty
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  1. I don't think it would work very well. I currently have 2 GTX 660's and I can play BF4 on ultra with little issues but 660's only have 2gb of vRAM, regardless of SLI (SLI doesn't double the amount of vRAM). BF4 uses up a lot of vRAM to begin with. I think 660's in SLI with 3 monitors would not play very well, maybe two...maybe
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    No, it's a bad Idea with 2 gb gtx 660 sli to run bf4 on three monitors. You may be able to get somewhat playable fps on two, but not on three. Bf4 recommends 3 gb vram for it. But for three monitors you deffintely should start with 4 gb xfire r9 270x or 3 gb xfire r9 280x.
    Gtx 770 sli will also be great. But not 2 gb gtx 660 at that resolution.
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