Please check out my first build

Hello again community. What do you think of this build? It is my first time and I just want some input on all this hardware.

Do I need a network adapter, or is my motherboard ok without it?
Are my case fans decent, I know they're cheap, and do i need speakers? I know my mobo has a soundcard.
Does anyone know how my gpu is in a SLI config? I may wish to do this sometime down the road.
Any input will be really appreciated!
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  1. Your motherboard will come with an ethernet connection. Those are kinda cruddy case fans - you also don't really need them; the case will come with some fans. If you do want ones, get the Corsair SP 120s at bare minimum, otherwise they're going to be noisy as heck and break very quickly.

    Ditch the artic silver 5 - the EVO comes with thermal paste already, and it's decent stuff.

    I would grab a SSD, for sure - you can get a Samsung 840 EVO (one of the best on the market) 120GB for $90.

    I don't care for Zotac as a brand of GPUs - they tend to have somewhat cruddy coolers. The EVGA ACX cooler is significantly better, not much more expensive, and comes with a way way way better warranty.

    What do you mean "how your gpu is in a SLI config"? Do you just mean heat-wise? It won't be as good as a GPU with a blower-style cooler, but shouldn't be bad. It will, however, be kinda hot and noisy compared to better coolers. (Blower style coolers will be cool, but still noisy. Good coolers like the Asus DCII, EVGA ACX, or MSI lightning will be cool and quiet)

    I would also grab the deathadder black edition. It's got somewhat rubbery material on it, and is also of a slightly sturdier build. I've used both and much prefer the black edition.
  2. Your MB doesn't have a wireless adapter, if that's what you meant by network adapter. It does have Ethernet.

    Your GPU does a fantastic job in SLI, but you'd need a larger PSU for that. Think 850W.
  3. Thanks for the responses. As for the Zotac, I have read reviews in which this has higher clock speeds than pretty much all the other 770's besides the lighting, which is a good $40 dollars more. I have read that the gigabyte 770 doesnt OC as well, which I will be doing alot, and is my main reason for not choosing it.

    I hardly know anything about network adapters. I will have this rig on the second level of the house, while the router is on the first floor, with a few walls in between. Is there anything 'like a gaming router' that I can use for a wired connection, that I can get at a reasonable price?

    I will grab a SSD in the future for sure, but I'm on a tight budget at the moment.

    Also, would you guys recommend me to grab a lower gpu, and then maybe upgrade when gtx 800 series releases?
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    That's fine, just keep in mind that while it comes with a good factory overclock, it also comes with a rather cruddy cooler. Consider replacing with an Arctic cooling solution or custom watercooling.

    Any wireless AC or N router with a decent connection speed and good antennas should do the trick... but the trouble is that wifi is always going to be slower and less reliable than a wired connection.

    Well... that is most certainly an option, and possibly quite a good one. The reason for that is that the 800 series is going to be containing Maxwell. While the past several generations of GPUs have been based on the Kepler graphics unit, Maxwell should be a fair bit of an upgrade. I would certainly look at getting a graphics card that can play games on low settings, and then upgrading to a powerful 800 series card. Up to you if you want to do it or not, but it would let you buy a SSD now and give you the newest generation of technology.
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