silverstoen pp05 compatible with corsair PSU?


I currently have a Corsair AX 760i psu, and was wondering if anyone knew if the short cable set from silverstone (silverstone pp05, or pp05-e) will work on this psu. (pp05) (pp05-e) (AX 760i)

I've learned that different psu manufacturers use different pin layouts.
But since they dont sell the cable set in my country i would like to know if it will work before i order the set.

thanks in advance. :)
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    Different manufacturers use different pin layouts and also keying on each individual pin (plastic around the pin is round, square or has a corner taken off, etc.).
    From the images, the Corsair PSU appears to break the 24PIN ATX connector into two banks of pins, but the silverstone plug is a solid set of 24 pins.
    I don't think this will work.
  2. oh yeah, crap.. didnt think of that. gues i was overthinking it with pinouts.. thanks for saving mea whole bunch of time.
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