SLI 660 TI Overclocking Help

Hey dudes okay so I have SLI 660 TI running 2 24 inch 1080p monitors one at 60hz and one at 144hz my GPU's are not doing it for me and am thinking of overclocking but don't know what the limits are for my rig here is a list of my specs.

MOBO : Asrock Extreme 4
CPU : i7 3770K @4.5
GPU : SLI 660 TI
PSU : 800w 80+ Gold Rated
Liquid Cooling : Thermaltake 240 Dual Radiator

Here is a link to what I currently have my cards set at :


That is all.
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    You might get 5-10 more fps max in any game. With the heat that comes with dual cards, you usually don't get much for overclocks due to the thermal limits of the top card
    the overclock you have is slight, and basicaly download a gpu testing software (kombustor from msi isn't bad) take the memory clock back to 0, and start bumping up the core clock by 10mhz at a time, retesting the gpu's for about 15 minutes each time. Do this until you get a driver crash, then dial the core clock back down by 20mhz from the setting the display driver crashed at.

    repeat for the memory clock after you have found your max stable core clock. Don't expect huge gains
  2. thanks mate
    now time to overclock
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