amdfx 8320 VS I5 4670K VS I7 4770K

I will mostly be playing games and i already have the amd fx 8320 but im looking for an upgrade.My gpu is a radeon xfx 7770 ultra oc edition but im upgrading it to a gtx 770
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    I dont see a reason to upgrade a fx 8320.
    Keep it and get a better cooler, or a SSD or something like that.
  2. The amd 8320 is pretty good for gaming with a decent gpu like the gtx770, so u will be able to play last games on ultra. The i7 is better but if u own already the 8320 dont waste money to upgrade to i7
  3. I second that, i have the 8350 and i love it. Gives me great performance. The first thing i would do is get a Good GPU and you will never look back. I have 2 7970 in CrossFire and i can run everything on ultra and not worry. The only issue i have is the drivers but that is always an issue right now for any cards.
  4. I have a HP laptop with a AMD 3 core and was reviewing parts for a build. Your post/machine (8320 cpu, 7770 gpu) were two components that I was focusing on. What PSU do you have (ie. watts, # of 12v rails, eff%)?? I was thinking of 500W @85% eff. with one 12v rail.

    MicroCenter has the FX8320 for $100; my alternative cpu is FX6300 ($109) or even FX4130 ($60) again all at MicroCenter. If I went Intel, I think I5-4570 ($160) would be selected. Obviously anything that I choose would be much better han what I have now.

  5. My psu is 850t and thank you all for helping :D
  6. dragonfiregames said:
    My psu is 850t and thank you all for helping :D

    U will be able to run CrossFire with that psu.
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