Building a new system, do I need an additional case fan?

I'm building a system using a Cooler master Storm Enforcer case( and I put a Corsair
Air Series AF140 Quiet Edition ( on the shopping list.

What I was wondering is, with the case being Cooler Master do I really need an additional case fan, if the case actually comes with fans installed (I would assume so but I have never seen a fresh off The production line case before) and if I do need another fan, is this a good choice and is it compatible with the case?
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  1. you will not need another fan, as cases almost always come with them, but you can look on the case specs to make sure.
    Also, that is a very nice fan.
  2. Your case comes with 2 120mm fans pre installed (One at the front and one at the rear).
    You can install two more (One 120mm at the side and one 200mm at the top).
    It does not support 140mm fan, so Corsair fan will be of no use to you.

    Now, you don't really need more fans, 2 should be enough. But if you do want to order them, order after receiving your case. And get a 120mm fan for side and 200mm fan for top.
  3. It has room for up to 4 fans. 2 200mm and 2 120mm. I always suggest replacing the original case fans since they are on the lower quality (even on my corsair case). It comes with a front fan and and a rear fan. So if you don't want to spend extra money on fans you'll be fine but if you do then get a 200mm and a 120 mm minimum.
  4. Thanks for the advice, will wait until a later date then upgrade them all at once depending on how it handles heat.
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