Western Digital 1TB Harddrive not being detected.

Hello everyone. My Western Digital HD has 1Tb of space on it. I got it for Christmas, and I think I have it install correctly. Also, not entirely sure, but I think it's The WD Black. I have it plugged into a Serial ATA port, and I think I gave it power from my Corsair PSU. IS that all I need to do? What am I doing wrong? it's not in my BIOS or in the Device Manager. Please help! I'm running out of space on my SSD.
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  1. Have you ever used this drive? As its probably new you need to format it to NTFS in windows disk management only then will it appear in my computer. BUT saying that you said its not there in device manager though it should whether its formatted or not so may try the above answer.
  2. Yeah, still nothing.Tried out every SATA plug on the MB. I think it's getting power, well actually I don't know. Is there a way to tell if it's getting power or not?
  3. With a tube from a paper towel roll, you should clearly hear it spinning.
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