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I have an G1,Sniper A88X motherboard running an A10-7850K and 8gb of 2133mhz ram. I changed my APU from the A10-6800k to the 7850K as someone with an fm2 board was willing to pay me most of the cost for it and I hoped the Kaveri APU would represent a modest upgrade. Anyway since i've changed the APU I am unable to run the memory at its full speed, previously I could just load the XMP profile and it would run without issue at 2133, now it will fail Prime95 within a few seconds and display general instability in applications.

I tried ignoring the XMP profile and manually setting the memory however this had no impact on the problem, if I manually set the speed to 1866 then it runs perfectly. I contacted Gigabyte who said that they've tested this combination and it should work perfectly as long as I have installed the latest drivers from their website and have updated my BIOS (both of which I have). I feel like i'm at a bit of a loss as what to do next. Has anyone else experienced any problems similar to this and do you have any potential solutions?

The only thing I am slightly unsure of is the installation of the Gigabyte drivers. It is a larger download than just the catalyst driver on its own but when you run 'ASetup.exe' as far as I can tell it just seems to run a Catalyst installer. Do they bury their chipset drivers somewhere as the only other .exe in the package definitely seems to just install a display driver.


I am not currently using the onboard graphics as I have an R9 270 and my PSU is a 550w Corsair (can't find a link for this as I don't think they sell it anymore).

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  1. When I upgraded from the A10-5800K to the A10-6800K, I found I had an almost identical problem. It turned out the XMP profile gave me the correct timings, but not the correct voltage. I had to go in and manually adjust the memory voltage from 1.5 to 1.65 for it to work, because I was overclocking it to 2133 and it was rated for 1866.

    Might check that just to be sure.
  2. Not sure I can change the voltage to 1.65 as the option is grayed out even if I set everything to manual and ignore the XMP profile completely. I'm not doing any overclocking on the system so shouldn't 1.5v be correct for that RAM anyway?
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    Yours probably runs at 1.5. Check the specs. Mine runs at 1.5 for 1866MHz, which is what it is rated for. I didn't buy the 2133, only overclocked it. Our voltages will not be the same.

    If your RAM says 1.5v for 2133, then yes, that is correct.

    Here is what I recommend. Take the memory out, and put ONE stick in. Run one stick, and make sure you have no problems. If you get problems with that stick, then try the other one.

    Test one stick at a time to be sure the problem is with either only one stick or with both sticks. If it is only with a single stick, you may have a bad one and should contact Corsair support, where they can assist you.
  4. Guess i'm going to have to go down that route, thanks for that Rhapdog.
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