How to overclock i5-4670k to 4.4ghz on asrock z87 extreme 4


I just build my first rig and I am kinda a noob on these things and I need your help.

I overclock my cpu through Asrock's A-tuning but it transfers 1.7k-1.8k voltage on the cpu and many people say that 1.45k should be the limit to cpu voltage. Anything above that might reduce my cpu's life span or even degrade it.

I also tried to overclock it from the Bios first I used 1.14k voltage and my pc crashed immedietly the second time I used 1.5k and it was ok then I used 1.4k and after 10 mins of use my pc crashed again.

What am I doing wrong ? Can you help me lower the voltage and reach 4.4ghz or even higher?
Thanks a lot

p.s. I have a cm hyper 212 evo + aftermarket cooler
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  1. First, you should limit Vcore to no more than 1.300 v. Anything more and you are just risking damage to your CPU.

    Set Vcore to 1.250 v. and try 4.2 GHz. If stable, increase to 4.3 and try again. If unstable, increase Vcore by 0.015 step and try again. Keep increasing multiplier as far as possible and increase Vcore to maintain stability, but no more than 1.300 v.

    Here is a thread that is loaded with tips and experience:

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