my computer reads 48gb on start but restart after warm up reads 64gb

i have a core I7 3930 asus x79 saber tooth motherboard 64 GB Kingston 1600 mhz ram corsair 1200 axi power supply gtx 590 graphics card but only read 48 GB on cold start up and 64 GB on warm restart. running windows 7 ultimate
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    dont use windows task manager to read the stats it dosent always read correctly use cpu z
  2. had to wait till morning cold start but win 7 read 48gb and cpu z read 64gb thanks
  3. hensleywl7 said:
    had to wait till morning cold start but win 7 read 48gb and cpu z read 64gb thanks

    I understand that you now are happy, but Windows 7 should detect the same memory size when the system is cold or hot. You need to understand that CPU-Z will display all installed memory even if there are issues with a module and the OS can't use it.
  4. i changed out the ram but still had the same problem i can tell a difference in speed when it reads 48gb on my unigine but don't know how to fix it thanks for your help
  5. It could be an issue with a connection between the processor and the socket where contact is fully made once the CPU has warmed up. Have you searched for similar issues and found threads like this?

    You could also remove 2 modules, let the system cool off for a couple hours (or overnight) to see if both modules are detected. If they are, then follow the same procedure with the other modules. You need to identify if the issue occurs with a memory module or a memory slot.
  6. changed motherboard and works fine now thanks appreciate all the help
  7. Glad you got it resolved.
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