MSI GEFORCE GTX 760 black screen-win 7

Yesterday i finished my first build and everything went succefully in place, but when i download my drivers for my graphics card: MS GEFORCE GTX 760
after the windows logo when i restart my screen either turns black or comes up with an msi logo.
When i press alt+crl+del with the msi logo my screen turns black and i cant do anything. I have windows 7 and i5 4760k, compatibility isnt the problem here because a moderator on newegg helped me set my build up.
Anyone know of any solutions to this problem or if there are any alternate drivers for my graphics card/nvidia,
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  1. Where did you download the drivers from? I've found the best method is to just get the basic drivers from the disc that comes with the card, as it comes with some bios updates as well. And from there you go to the nvidia site to get newer drivers
  2. i forgot to mention that i first used the cd and when i got a black sreen i reset everything on my computer even win 7 and downloaded from their website
  3. ok, download the previous non beta drivers (should be three or 4 down the list on the nvidia site) beta drives can cause serious problems.
  4. im downloading the oldest drvier i can find but thats only like half a year old because the GPU is new. but, when i download the oldest driver and IF it is running wont my preformance be at a disadvantage? kinda seems like a waste having gaming GPU if it runs like an intergrated one.
    Also, when i try changing the quality on my screen which right now its at 1280X 1028 to its 1920X1080 it dosnt show an option for that? is that because of my GPU drivers? and the speakers dont work either but i got the mobo drivers already
  5. If you are using dvi connector, it doesnt carry audio. hdmi does. Also make sure you are plugging your monitor directly into video card.

    and you don't need to download the oldest drivers, just download a more recent non beta driver and your performance should be fine

    go into the nvidia control panel and try changing screen resolution

    (remember your monitor needs to support 1080 to run at 1080)
  6. ok. i just tried somthing really weird and it worked
    so what did is downloaded the oldest driver which isnt nesessary but after seeing the msi screen agian i decided it was almost time to go to school so i leave the computer alone and go take a shower. i come back and find that i can now use a mouse so i right click on my desktop go to resolution and i notice that the multiple display tab is on "extend these displays" so what i was seeing before was my desktop with no task bar or programs. so i change display to show desktop only 1 and what do you know it now works! im going to have to update my drivers and hope it dosnt happen agian lol. my screen is now able to run at 1920X1080 after the drivers were installed.
    but i still have a question on audio because i have two cables going into my video card one blue and one white not sure what they are called, do i need to purchase another hdmi cable for sound?
  7. the white one is dvi which does not carry audio
    the blue one is vga which carries audio, but does not support 1080p
    if you have both plugged into the same monitor, unplug the blue one and just set the cable aside
    if you have them plugged into different monitors, plug the white one into your primary monitor.

    and of course make sure your monitor has speakers, as if it doesnt, even hdmi won't give you audio.
  8. it does have speakers. what if i put the blue one in my mobo rather than my video card? shouldn't i have sound then? i don't believe that the intergrated on i5 4760k is 1080p
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    The integrated on the i5 does support 1080p, but you won't get 1080p from the blue cable (VGA)

    basically if you want sound for this system, you will have to use a headset or buy speakers, as you cannot use both cables at the same time on a monitor, so you would either have to settle for lower resolution and sound, or high resolution with no sound
  10. does the monitor have an hdmi port? if so, this will be your best solution
  11. hdmi will support 1080 and carry audio
  12. Yes it has hdmi, but i think i will get speakers because of the better sound quality.
  13. yeah, but hdmi would be your quick fix :)
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