How to identify the right SMPS for Asrock B75m motherboard

Hi Guys

Can anyone help me understand how to select the right smps.
I have been trying to identify the right smps for asrock b75m motherboard.

Thanks in advance
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  1. The size of the PSU you need will depend mostly on the video card, if any. Otherwise, the motherboard connectors on a PSU will be the same across all modern PSUs.
  2. you think 400 watt would be sufficient enough for this motherboard ? I currently do not have any plans to install video card.
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    With no video card, a 400W PSU will be more than enough. One of the 300W 80+ Bronze Seasonics would be a good choice. Make sure to choose a quality unit. Small and relatively inexpensive is okay, but cheap and/or generic units should always be avoided. I have used the 380W Antec Earthwatts in basic builds for years and never had one die.
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