Is there a point in getting a cpu cooler if your not overclocking

I was just wondering is there a point in getting a cpu cooler (corsair h80i) if your not over clocking
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    For the fun of having a watercooled system ? Honestly there's no point aside of that.
  2. Well you need a CPU cooler regardless. But honestly, there's no need to get an ultra expensive one as most cheap aftermarket coolers should keep things cool just fine. Stock should be fine for the most part.
  3. If your not over clocking then the stock cpu cooler would be just fine, but if you want to you could get the Cool Master Hyper 212 Evo it is a pretty much universal cpu cooler that I am using on my new pc you can even use it if you were to over clock in the future it's not that expencive and is good and it is only about $36.00 on newegg.
    I hope this helps you.
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