After memory upgrade, Black screen/no POST

Here are my specs:

Motherboard: ASUS CM5671
CPU: Intel Pentium Dual Core E5500
GPU: Nvidia GTX 460 (+ onboard)
PSU: 500W
RAM: 2x2GB ASUS DDR3 1.5V PC10600
OS: Windows Home Premium 64-bit

I tried upgrading my RAM to 2x4GB Corsair XMS3 sticks, but whether I do one stick or two, in any of the RAM slots, dual channel or not, my PC shows only a blank screen, no beeps, fans at full blast, and as far as I know, it isn't POSTing unless it's doing so without the beeping.

I already replaced some previously purchased memory with these Corsair sticks, and again no luck. Motherboard is good for up to 16GB and so is my OS, and the Corsair website says these sticks should work with any dual channel mobo.

I was wondering since there is no display, if my GPU might be screwing things up during the installation process, or perhaps I need more processing or PSU power. I have no way to get to BIOS with the new sticks, so it's pretty frustrating. Thanks.

(Note: everything works fine with original RAM sticks put back in in either set of channels)
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  1. Have you installed your memory modules properly?
  2. cinnamon cider said:
    Have you installed your memory modules properly?

    Yep. Flashed the BIOS and ran MemTest86 or whatever. Even tried disconnecting GPU. I think these sticks were designed for i5's or later, which my CPU falls a little bit short of, even though Corsair says it should work. Gonna try and just find some older model RAM modules until something works. I'll just be Fryy's most annoying customer until I get something that works. Haha

    Note: couldn't even get to MemTest with the new sticks, booting from CD or flash, so they're either bad or my computer doesn't like them.
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