Build running slow. Monitor too big?

So i have just built my first ever PC and it seems to be running slower than i expected even doing simple tasks and i think that its struggling because my TV is too big. I have a 32" 1080p ready TV and I think I think my graphics card might be struggling. My CPU and GPU are:

AMD FX-6300 3.50GHZ Am3+ 6-core
Gigabyte HD 7770 OC 1GB GDDR5

Do I need to get a smaller monitor/Better Graphics card or is there any way to improve this without spending money?
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  1. That GPU should work fine at 1080p. Did you install drivers and Windows updates?
  2. Are the temps ok? My GTX770 was struggling because the original fan speeds sucked and the temps were causing the turbo to turn off
  3. I probably should have mentioned that even though i managed the build i am fairly new to PC's (converted from Console) so do not know a lot. I installed the CD that came with the GPU and the temps seem OK, do i need to activate turbo myself at the start?
  4. No you dont, it comes activated, have you ran any programms to see the real temps on your CPU and GPU while gaming?
  5. I have not ran any programs to test temps, which should i use? I tried to run Gmod and spawned in large amounts of npc's and large amounts of explosives etc and it seemed to run fine yet just on browsers and home screen mouse seems to lag, videos freeze etc.
  6. Like the person before me said, can be a windows/GPU update/Driver problem, if it can handle Gmod with loads of objects it shouldnt be the hardware itself
  7. I noticed just there when I change to a game my TV changes to 720p @ 60hz, does that mean anything? And if it runs better at 720p how do I make it run at that all the time?
  8. I think I also have DirectX 9, should I get 11?
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