remove write protect to get access to a corrupt excel file in order to recover it

Kind of Desperate. Sandisk 32GB suddenly enabled write protect. Manufacturer wants to take it back, and so I am attempting to get critical files off of it. Unfortunately, most important file is slightly over 10MB and will not let me copy it or open it. What to do?

Multiple messages when attempting to open in excel:

1. Office File Validator
2. Can't find file
3. File is read only.

Tried all kinds of fixes to remove read-write, attempt to remove write protect, etc., Is there any solution?

Windows XP SP3
Excel 2003
Sandisk 32GB flash drive

Already tried removing Office File Validator Add-In, Attrib cmd to remove read-write, backing it up to restore it somewhere else (won't do it).

Is there a paid service that can do it?
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  1. Here is a good article that might help you out:
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