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Hi. I know this is already on here, but my question is. If I buy windows 7 and install it on the pc giving me trouble, will this fix the problem. I have Windows XP on the pc at present and was going to change soon anyway ???
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  1. If you wipe the drive and reformat it will probably fix it. Also make sure you have the right boot orders set in bios...so it isnt trying to boot from a non bootable drive.
  2. There are a few things that can cause this, and one is very easily correctable:

    1. a removable drive was plugged in and the bios is trying to boot from it instead of the main hard drive. - In this case, you can go into the bios and set your boot order to exclude the removable drive or just remember to unplug the drive when you boot up.

    2. software corruption damaged the boot files. - In this case, you can possibly correct it by booting up from the Windows XP CD and access the repair console. From there, you can use the "fdisk /mbr" command to fix the boot sector or run the procedure listed here: http://pcsupport.about.com/od/fixtheproblem/ht/ntldrntdetect.htm Installing Windows 7 would fix it, too, if you want to do so.

    3. damaged hard drive. - If this is the case, trying to install any OS would not help. you will have to replace your hard drive first. To find out if you have a bad drive, boot from the Windows XP CD and run "chkdsk c: /r" and let it run. It will come back with either a fix or a massage that it can't be fixed.
  3. Hi Thanks for a very very very quick reply. I went to bios and it is set to boot from my hard drive as usual. Cant boot from the XP disk as I never received one when I got the pc. Just a licence . I was told when buying it I had to make a boot cd... and guess what. I could not make one as the cd writer kept spitting out the cd and then I just forgot about it till now :( So I am stuck. I am NOT a techie. Just an old man pulling my hair out The only saving grace is that all my pics of my grandchildren etc are somewhere in the clould on Livedrive. Best money I ever spent. My local PC Clinic wants €99 to fix it but I can buy an oem windows 7 from Dabs for less
  4. Pretty much any Windows XP disk can be used for the repair console or replacing the boot files. If you have a relative who is somewhat tech savy, they might have an XP CD.
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