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I will be building a gaming computer shortly, and I am wondering if there is any free software I aught to download, for security/utility purposes. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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    for security i use avast free antivirus,malwarebytes pro (costs but well worth it).if by utilities you mean defragmenters,disk cleanup tools,etc,try the ones that come with windows.from win7 on they are as good as anything out there.i have tried numerous "all in one optimizer programs" and they do no better job than windows a matter of fact ive done damage with some,especially the registry cleaner utility.if anything i use ccleaner.even the windows firewall works well.that having been said your choice of browser can be important here as well.internet explorer is my last choice.firefox is good,ive used it,but i lean towards the chrome browsers specifically comodo dragon which is about the most secure browser ive used.if you need more info post back.
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