overlaping display, is my graphics card going out?

When I say overlapping display, its the only really the only way I know how to describe what happens. i wanted to post this weeks ago but I wanted some screen shots of what happens before I ask for help.

This has happened once before when I was playing Bio Shock Infinite, now witcher 2.
My rig is
fx 8350 not OC
EVGA 670 2gb not OC
crosshair V formula z
16gb corsiar vengeance 1600mhz not OC

I am really I'm not going to have to buy a new graphics card, but have a feeling that i am. Just wanted to get y'alls opinion first. Thanks in advance for the help.
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    How long have you had the card for?
    Most GPU's have a 1-3 year warranty so it might be worth investigating that. I would also remove and reseat the GPU. Also, check for updated or newer drivers just to rule software out.

    That being said, warranty is your best bet.
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