Is there a difference between these AMD processors? Need quick help!

I'm getting this motherboard and I'm wondering if the AD750KWOHJBOX is any different from the AD750KWOA44HJ listed in the mobos compatability list. They appear to be the same thing (both amd X4 750k trinity), but I don't want to end up buying a cpu that won't work with this mobo.
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    One is the retail box version and one is the oem version that does not come with a heatsink/fan.
  2. They are the same processor. One comes in a box (like in stores) the other (without the BOX at the end) comes in OEM plastic casing.

    EDIT: Duh, fan. Thanks @above
  3. Alright, so the one I'm ordering comes with a heatsink, correct?
  4. Yep

    AMD Athlon X4 750K Trinity 3.4GHz Socket FM2 100W Quad-Core Desktop Processor - Black Edition AD750KWOHJBOX
  5. Got it sorted out, thanks to everyone for the help.
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