gtx580 vs r9 270x

so.. what do you guys think?
i can get a used (don't have a problem with that) gigabyte gtx580 windforce (rev 1. as far as i can tell)
for roughly $75 less than a brand new windforce r9 270x...
(i know 660 is weaker ... the 580 should be somwhere between 660 and 660ti/760 but those are out of my budget)
i know everything about the power consumption, heat etc.
used many cards from both teams in my time,
but just for pure performance - what do you guys think?
how big would the difference be?
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  1. IIRC the 580 matched the 7870. The 270x is an overclocked 7870, so should be a bit faster, and consume less power.
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    The GTX 580 wins against the HD 7870 by a very small margin, in most tests, according to this:

    The GTX 580 and R9 270x trade blows. E.g. here, in the same game, each one wins at a certain resolution.

    The 270x is abetter idea these days because it consumes less (180W vs 224W at reference clocks)
  3. hmm ok .. so the used 580 for a new 650ti price can be justified i guess...

    oh - also - i prefer nvidia since i can overclock my "60hz" monitor to 75hz with no problem but ive tried before on a hd6670 and hd5770 with no luck...
  4. The problem here is, can you trust the seller? Is it somebody you know?
  5. i thought i wont make a new thread for this - does anyone know the best way to test your power supply?
    i have a feeling my CX600M might be struggling a bit with this card and a oc'd fx-6350,
    it's 12volt rail is rated @ 46 amps (552w)
    -EVGa website says minimum power suply for all their 580's is 600w with minimum 42 amps on 12v.

    i was experiencing some freezes atfter a while on splinter cell blacklist while multitasking and having a very moderate, tiny to be honest oc on the gpu,
    removed the oc and seems perfectly fine,
    my cpu is running at 4.4ghz @ 1.418volts and ive been stress testing it - as long as i can keep the temps down it seems fully stable,
    motherboard - Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3P
    i replaced the thermal compound with MX-2 using "x" method and am very happy with the gpu temperatures now,
    someone had spread the white cheap stuff on there like butter and well - it showed,
    now msi kombustor tops out at 67c if i keep my room ventilated,
    so i will be doing some more testing, but if anyone have any ideas let me know,

    Also - The two 6+2 pci-e power rails confused me a bit,
    the first one comes as 8 cables from power supply, and the 6 pin is copied to the other plug, and it's +2 plug is just copied from two cables of it's 6pin,
    i had the secondary one plugged in the 8 pin and the primary in the 6 pin so effectively i wasn't using two of the cables coming from psu -
    does it make a difference or are they all connected together somwhere in the psu side?
  6. The CX600M should in theory be able to handle the GTX 580. As you already researched, we have 46A of supply and 42A of demand, things should work.
    In practice, the CX600M is not good enough to work properly for long at that kind of loads. You'd have a better experience with one of Corsair's better PSU lines, e.g. TX650.
    The PSU has a single rail. I think what you did there with the cables is all right, it's all connected together inside indeed.

    Feel free to make your own threads, actually. It keeps the threads clearer and everybody sane :)
    Plus, that way you get the right to pick a solution when you're happy with the answer you got.
  7. for now things seem good... i sorted the cables and changed the thermal paste and seem to be fine under mild OC,
    will test some higher numbers over the weekend and report back if there are any issues...
    but honestly not much need for oc on a single 1080p monitor - i seem to be hitting a cpu bottleneck, atleast on blacklist,
    gpu is often around 90% load on ultra settings with FXAA and v-sync on and i'm getting mostly around 60fps (50-75)
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