Faster CPU/Temp Monitoring

Is there any way I can get my bios to check the CPU usage and temperature faster? Right now I get CPU usage/temp readouts that update every second or so. I'd like a readout that was a bit more smooth, updating around every millisecond or at least every tenth of a second. I have no idea how to accomplish this though.
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  1. not sure why you would want that.updating temps every millisecond would be meaningless considering the human reaction times.dont forget when you see the temp you still have to react and do something about it.
  2. "not sure why you would want that"

    I'm doing a custom desktop background using rainmeter. I've got a cpu graph that's constantly updating. If possible I'd like it to change fairly smoothly, rather than at big chunks every second or so. It's for aesthetics, not for any practical purpose.
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