Looking for New Graphic's Card to Run DayZ:SA and Arma 3.

Currently I have an AMD FX 6300 and a AMD HD 7790 DirectCU II.
Now When i bought this currently i lag at everything medium settings on DayZ and Med-High on Arma 3...Now if I need a new Graphics card. I'm thinking an 7870ghz Edition...I can't go to crazy I don't have a lot of money.
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  1. whats your budget
  2. Nothing above $240 lol. I don't get much money for my Birthday and I don't do chores. I'm only 16 and my family is poor.
  3. well for that the 7870 is a pretty good gpu
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    Stan Harris said:
    well for that the 7870 is a pretty good gpu

    Yeah expect 70-90 FPS on BF4 high settings 1080p or 50-60FPS Ultra with AA off which is amazing. If you can find the R9 270x/270 for cheaper pick it up because they are the same cards just different names oh and the 270 (non-x) is 5% weaker but consumes a lot less power
  5. I found this:
    r9 270x for cheap...however I have a PSU of only 430w...So is this fine? Also someone said since i have Cosair 430W that ill need a Molex to 6pin PCIE Adapter since my PSU only has 1. So any recommendations for a Molex to 6-pin also instruction guide since this will be my first time "modifying" my "first" hand built computer
  6. Get that so you won't need to upgrade your PSU and using molex to pci converters is a terrible idea
  7. It only has 1 six pin HUH? Roxas you got skype?
  8. Yeah check ur inbox
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