Looking for mobo under 150 for amd fx 8350

I currently have a nvida gtx660ti 3gb ftw card that I'm looking hook up with an amd fx 8350.. I play bf4, cod ghost and payday 2. My current mobo and processor is about 8 years old and doesn't seem to like ultra settings when I added the 660. I'm looking for recommendations for a mobo under 150 and 8 gb (2x4) of ram for no more than 120. I did purchase a raidmax bronze rated 535 psu back in December and I'm running Windows 8 if that helps. I spent hours on this forum looking for a solution but most recommended mobo were either out of range of what I wanted to spend or discontinued and unavailable through new egg when I would click on the links. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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