help, what gpu?

Hello I want to upgrade my gpu but I don't know what's compatible with my hard wear.
My spec are;
Intel i5 2500k @ 4.40GHz cpu
8gb of ram
650w psu
Palit gtx 560 ti 2gb gpu
Gigabyte Mother board (can't remember which one, I'll find out)
Cooler Master CM - 690 II Advanced
Windows 7 professional.

I'd like the upgrade to a 760 or a 770 but unsure about compatibly. What are the best manufacturer for gpus?
Thanks for reading, jacob
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  1. gigabyte za68ap-d3 is the mother board I have.
  2. for gpu cards asus/msi/gigbyte make good aftermarket gaming cards. pny and others make good cheap stock cards.
    stock cards not bad for light gaming and penny pincher. the after market cards just have better cooling on them. right now on gpu I hold off as nvidia dropping there newer maxwell cards.. the first one is the 750 ti. as they drop and newer drivers come out we can see if there better then the older 700 line of cards.
  3. I don't know what your trying to say, hold off buying a nvidia card?
  4. The 2500k will handle any new GPU on the market but if you want to get a 780 ti or a titan, your gonna have to upgrade that CPU
  5. Best answer
    Best manufacturers are Sapphire, Asus and EVGA. I say upgrade to a 760 or wait a few months for the 750/750TI
  6. will the 750/750ti be better?
  7. It will be cheaper and have more bang for the buck along with priming us with Maxwell tech
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