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motherboard - intel 945gzisprocessor - intel c2d 2.2ghzram - 2gb (ddr2)which graphics card will it support (detail)
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  1. ddr2 ram won't get you anywhere, especially 2gb of it. And that processor, which i think is a core 2 duo, will bottleneck pretty much anything you put in your computer. Also, psu info is needed, though I would recommend just doing a complete rebuild.
  2. for ur rig gt640 ddr3 is my guess
    though it wont help much in gaming
  3. you can get a r7 250 ddr5. Don't go with the gt640 ddr3 both of them would cost you about the same, although r7 250 would be bottlenecked a bit but it could be useful if you would upgrade your build later.
    I had a gt630 ddr5 1gb with a c2d 2.0ghz with almost the same specs and it performed ok, but when i swithced the cpu to a fx6300 the performance diff was notisable.

    So, If you plan to upupgrade then get a 1gb ddr5 7750, otherwise I would recommend a gt630 ddr5(rest all will bottleneck more than their worth).

    Another thing to check before buying a gpu is whether your psu is good enough, so posting some specs of your psu would be better for deciding.

    [edit: on newegg I could find a gt640 ddr3 which cost lower than a gt630 ddr5 with mir, so you should consider that.]

    r7 250: MSI R7 250 1GD5 OC $80
    gt 640: MSI N640GT-MD1GD3 $50
  4. If you are not much into gaming ,get a gt 610 which will boost ur pc performance and graphics too
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