How many watts needed for my pc?

I am building a custom PC which consists of these parts:
Intel Core i5 4670
2x4gb ddr3 1600mhz corsair Vengence RAM
Asus H87M-PLUS Intel H87 MoBo
Case: Thermaltake Versa H21 CA-3B2-50M1NA-00 USB3.0 Black Mid Tower
Video card: HD 7750 2gb (will upgrade to Radeon R9 soon)
Btw, the case with 500W PSU. Will that be enough?
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  1. 500w psu is enough for ur rig for now
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    Which R9 series are you upgrading to? Just for reference for what PSU you will need there is a list of R9 series cards and there PSU requirements. Also dont go cheap on the PSU get a certified (bronze or better) PSU.
    Radeon R9-290X - 33A and a 600W psu minimum
    Radeon R9-290 - 31A and a 550W psu minimum
    Radeon R9-280X - 30A and a 550W psu minimum
    Radeon R9-270X - 24A and a 500W psu minimum
    Radeon R9-260X - 19A and a 450W psu minimum
  3. I am probably going to upgrade to Radeon R9-270X
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